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Geraldine Crane

Geraldine Crane is a Serene, Spiritual Mother Wounds Mentor, on a mission to help women rise and heal from a toxic relationship with their mother, so that they can reconnect to their own inner source of wisdom, strength and love and reclaim their self-worth and their right to peace and happiness without shame or guilt.

Professional Background
Geraldine qualified as a Probation Officer in 2006 and has since worked as a substance Misuse Worker and Domestic Abuse Recovery worker, developing a passion for supporting those recovering from a toxic or abusive relationship. Then in 2019 trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. However in 2020 during lockdown, she took some time out to focus on family and her own healing, and began developing her 'Serene Spiritual' way of working, bringing a gentle spirit-guided approach to her work.

Spiritual Journey

At the age of 19 Geraldine joined a spiritual development circle where she discovered her ability to connect with Spirit Guides. When training in Hypnotherapy she reconnected with this ability on a deeper level and now helps others to connect with the unconditional love of their Spirit Guides, and the deep healing it can bring.

Personal Experience

Geraldine had experienced chronic anxiety since being very young, but always assumed it was due to becoming her mother's carer at the age of 12. However, in her late thirties after accessing counselling, training in domestic abuse, and becoming a mother, she finally came to realise that the anxiety was stemming from a deeply enmeshed and co-dependant relationship with her mother, and the trauma of being her mother's confidant as a child, witnessing and supporting her mother's unstable mental health, which was further exacerbated by her mother becoming increasingly emotionally manipulative as Geraldine grew up.

At the age of 37 Geraldine took the very hard step of cutting contact, and whilst this was incredibly hard and often painful,  it enabled her to finally start healing. Initially, she accessed counselling and started researching, trying to understand her mother's behaviour, but the real healing started when she, trained as a hypnotherapist and started reconnecting with her spirituality.  She worked with a coach and began exploring various spiritual principles and understandings, which allowed her to reconnect with her inner divinity a place of peace and calm within, which also helped to reconnect with a deep sense of worth, self-acceptance and even self-love. And now is passionate about helping others who have had similar experiences know that they are not alone, that they have worth and can find peace.

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